Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Big Day

Yesterday we made the trip to Mammoth to see Lynn at Tailwaggers and to get a bath. Tailwaggers has a nice set up to wash your dog with an elevated tub and hand held sprayer. When I said "tub, tub" to Elsie she looked up at the tub not quite sure about getting up there. I showed her the ramp and had her run up it. She resolutely stood there while I soaped her up and got her clean. Afterwards Lynn gave her a treat and we bought many more. I think that my dogs prefer her treats to mine.

Tomorrow is a big day for Elsie. We are going to Reno to have her spayed, or at least that is the plan. She will be almost a year old. I have been on the road so much since February that this is my first opportunity to get her to the vet for this. It will be a very long day. I am not sure how Elsie will be afterwards. Flora was kind of slow the first few days after her spaying. Reiki tonight for Elsie and for her vet.

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