Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Learning to stay

Some days are just easier than others, you know that. When you really want something, really, really want something it can seem like forever before you get it. The more you learn patience and how to let go the easier it gets. And so Elsie is learning about patience and waiting.
Elsie is still very underweight so she is very motivated by food. She learned to sit in a matter of minutes. Staying took a bit longer but she got it. I think she watched Flora, an old pro at this, for hints on what to do. I never asked her to look at me before I release her, but Flora does. Now, each time, Elsie gives me those eyes. I never make her wait very long because I know that she is so very hungry.

Elsie will eat just about anything. In the morning she loves to eat some fruit and lately that has been fresh mangoes. Being a mostly vegetarian dog gives Elsie a wide palate. She does eat raw eggs from our rescued hens and occasionally gets some cheese if it falls on the floor. One of her favorite things is seitan, or vital wheat gluten, or wheat meat. This meat alternative has over 3 times more protein ounce for ounce than muscle tissue from a cow, and it is cruelty free. I love animals, all animals. I cannot feed my pups a cruel meal. This is my path and obviously theirs since they chose to live here. This is not to say that Elsie hasn't been out hunting the ground squirrels and chipmunks that are now appearing, but that is part of her prey drive. She has yet to catch one.

Please enjoy a cruelty free meal at least once a week. The other animals will thank you for being compassionate. Namaste - Elsie

Friday, April 1, 2011

Post surgery

Elsie and I made the trek to Reno on Wednesday for her spay surgery. Everything went fine. She still has some mites so we are continuing on with her Cool the Blood herbs and baths (after some healing). As for being quiet and calm, well that just isn't on her agenda. A mild pain reliever has her feeling like she can go for hours and hours. Yesterday her brothers and sister went on a long walk with their dad. Elsie so wanted to go but they were going down a creek and then out towards Mono Lake. We didn't want Elsie to get an infection or to rip any stitches so she and I stayed home.

When you get surgery at Lakeside Animal Hospital they put a t-shirt on you. Elsie loves her doctor there Dr. Diana Drumm.

Here is Elsie in bed with her dad, Jim, and CV. Elsie and CV let us have part of the bed at night.

On a sad note Elsie's oldest brother, Ares, crossed over on early Monday morning. Elsie spent some time with Ares before and afterwards. I am sure she was telling him that she would try to be the best dog so that I wouldn't be sad. She is doing a good job so far, as is the rest of the pack.
I never believe that we ever "lose" someone. They just go back home from where we all came from. Pure Love. They are always here for us to talk to whenever we feel the need. They always respond but it is up to us to be open enough to hear them. It is the same way here in physical form, but sometimes there are too many distractions here, or we don't believe.
Be open, believe, have faith. Keep going, Ares would say to me, but don't forget to take a walk in the sunshine with your pals.
May your spring days be filled with sunshine and wonderful walks.
Namaste. Elsie

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Big Day

Yesterday we made the trip to Mammoth to see Lynn at Tailwaggers and to get a bath. Tailwaggers has a nice set up to wash your dog with an elevated tub and hand held sprayer. When I said "tub, tub" to Elsie she looked up at the tub not quite sure about getting up there. I showed her the ramp and had her run up it. She resolutely stood there while I soaped her up and got her clean. Afterwards Lynn gave her a treat and we bought many more. I think that my dogs prefer her treats to mine.

Tomorrow is a big day for Elsie. We are going to Reno to have her spayed, or at least that is the plan. She will be almost a year old. I have been on the road so much since February that this is my first opportunity to get her to the vet for this. It will be a very long day. I am not sure how Elsie will be afterwards. Flora was kind of slow the first few days after her spaying. Reiki tonight for Elsie and for her vet.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Product shots

I am currently on the road, again, but before I left I took a few pics of Elsie doing one of her favorite things.

Yep, she can clean out a jar of peanut butter better than most. She only gets organic nut butters and the flavor this day was Trader Joe's crunchy peanut. She is also a connoisseur of almond butters.

If she was a human she could try out for the part of Oliver Twist "Please sir, may I have some more?"

I will be gone for a total of 3 weeks. Jim keeps me updated on the goings on with the pack. I dislike being away sometimes but someone has got to earn some biscuit money (or in Elsie's case peanut butter). By the way, she did not eat that whole jar in one sitting. We have been packing her Kong with it and then putting the Kong in the freezer. Life is so yummy. - Elsie

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Hair!!!

I had been away from home on a trip for almost 2 weeks and all I can say is WOW at Elsie's new hair!! When she got here over a month ago her throat area was just skin but now she has a nice coat of new fur. It is so soft and the pustules are almost all gone now! Her dad did a good job of taking care of her.

Here is another pic of Elsie after I woke her up from her morning nap in the sun.
It is amazing what some love and good food will do to help heal. Elsie feels so good that she has taken to counter surfing. Now she has to learn that having all four feet on the floor is a good thing. She is smart and will learn quickly.

"Thank you again for letting me live. Don't forget to spend some time in the sun. It will make you happy!" - Elsie

Saturday, February 12, 2011


I have a new home, and it is here. My foster dad said I could stay (my mom said that earlier but she wanted dad to say it officially). They say that I will live with them forever but that I do have to learn some rules. I am so happy I could just counter surf all day!!! Oh, wait, I'm not supposed to do that.

Sorry there are no new pictures as my mom is on the road. She says that she does this often and that I have to get used to it. Hm, it means more room on the bed for me! Plus. It means that she isn't here to snuggle with. Minus. I could go on but I think that I will just look at the pluses for now. I am so happy!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A number no more

Perhaps this should have been posted earlier but I just got around to taking a pic of Elsie's shelter collar.
A dog in a large shelter is no more than a number. Maybe the staff can remember what the dog looks like but mostly they are a number. When you call to check on the status of a dog they ask for the id number. There are just too many to make it personal. Our local shelter is different. The number is secondary to their name. Most of the time you wouldn't even know they had a number.

Today marks the third week that Elsie has been out of the shelter. She has never really been 4229490 to me. Originally she was CC, the name her previous people had given her. She needed a new name to help her on her new journey. "Elsie" came to me on the drive to the shelter to pick her up and transport her. Elsie/LC (LanCaster). Close enough that she might respond, but when said with the intent of love behind it would bring her another step further. Further away from her old life and further along her path to her new one. Elsie has made many steps in these past few weeks. She has left her paw print on my heart.