Friday, April 1, 2011

Post surgery

Elsie and I made the trek to Reno on Wednesday for her spay surgery. Everything went fine. She still has some mites so we are continuing on with her Cool the Blood herbs and baths (after some healing). As for being quiet and calm, well that just isn't on her agenda. A mild pain reliever has her feeling like she can go for hours and hours. Yesterday her brothers and sister went on a long walk with their dad. Elsie so wanted to go but they were going down a creek and then out towards Mono Lake. We didn't want Elsie to get an infection or to rip any stitches so she and I stayed home.

When you get surgery at Lakeside Animal Hospital they put a t-shirt on you. Elsie loves her doctor there Dr. Diana Drumm.

Here is Elsie in bed with her dad, Jim, and CV. Elsie and CV let us have part of the bed at night.

On a sad note Elsie's oldest brother, Ares, crossed over on early Monday morning. Elsie spent some time with Ares before and afterwards. I am sure she was telling him that she would try to be the best dog so that I wouldn't be sad. She is doing a good job so far, as is the rest of the pack.
I never believe that we ever "lose" someone. They just go back home from where we all came from. Pure Love. They are always here for us to talk to whenever we feel the need. They always respond but it is up to us to be open enough to hear them. It is the same way here in physical form, but sometimes there are too many distractions here, or we don't believe.
Be open, believe, have faith. Keep going, Ares would say to me, but don't forget to take a walk in the sunshine with your pals.
May your spring days be filled with sunshine and wonderful walks.
Namaste. Elsie

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  1. Elsie you look wonderful, healthy and happy. Also how lucky you are to have learned so much from Ares.
    Much love and big licks to all of you,