Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A number no more

Perhaps this should have been posted earlier but I just got around to taking a pic of Elsie's shelter collar.
A dog in a large shelter is no more than a number. Maybe the staff can remember what the dog looks like but mostly they are a number. When you call to check on the status of a dog they ask for the id number. There are just too many to make it personal. Our local shelter is different. The number is secondary to their name. Most of the time you wouldn't even know they had a number.

Today marks the third week that Elsie has been out of the shelter. She has never really been 4229490 to me. Originally she was CC, the name her previous people had given her. She needed a new name to help her on her new journey. "Elsie" came to me on the drive to the shelter to pick her up and transport her. Elsie/LC (LanCaster). Close enough that she might respond, but when said with the intent of love behind it would bring her another step further. Further away from her old life and further along her path to her new one. Elsie has made many steps in these past few weeks. She has left her paw print on my heart.


  1. Oh this is painful and yet important to see. I am so glad Elsie has a name and a home. may your trip to AZ be Blesed.

  2. I will miss her and the whole pack while I am gone. 11 days is a long time. I am grateful for Reiki and the ability to connect wherever I am.

    On the plus side I am transporting a dog from the Baldwin shelter to AZ. I will have company.