Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Riding with my older brother

Elsie here. I got to go to town today in the truck with my oldest brother Ares. Ares used to go on errands with my foster mom until I arrived. Mom wasn't too sure if the rest of the pack would accept me by myself so she started taking me instead. Well, today we both got to go to town and then to a neighbors house. I met John and Marianne but I was in the truck so I wasn't too sure about them. They smelled like dog people and some other smell that I can't identify. Smells big.

Anyways, I like Ares a lot. He will almost play with me when he feels well enough to. He has some lumps in his throat that mom says is lymphoma. She treats him holistically and says that Ares teaches her to live each day, be in the the now. I kind of understand. I am starting to not remember much of my past life and I have only been here for almost 2 weeks.

This is my oldest brother Ares. He is 15 years young. My mom doesn't know how much longer he will live so they just take each day as it comes.

I try to get him to play with me. The other dogs here have yet to warm up to my puppy charms.

Ares likes to go everywhere with mom. He always gets shotgun. I like to lie down while the rolling couch is moving but Ares kind of gets in my way. We'll work it out.

I am really liking it here. Thank you again for saving my life and the lives of other dogs that don't look so perfect.

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