Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Hair!!!

I had been away from home on a trip for almost 2 weeks and all I can say is WOW at Elsie's new hair!! When she got here over a month ago her throat area was just skin but now she has a nice coat of new fur. It is so soft and the pustules are almost all gone now! Her dad did a good job of taking care of her.

Here is another pic of Elsie after I woke her up from her morning nap in the sun.
It is amazing what some love and good food will do to help heal. Elsie feels so good that she has taken to counter surfing. Now she has to learn that having all four feet on the floor is a good thing. She is smart and will learn quickly.

"Thank you again for letting me live. Don't forget to spend some time in the sun. It will make you happy!" - Elsie


  1. Elsie has such a beautiful coat. So nice to see it growing in again!

  2. Hey Elsie, Benny look, real hair! Bet you feel a lot warmer. Sending you big dog licks from TX...I am sure looking forward to sitting on Kathi's lap when she visits.

  3. Benny I have been getting my dad and mom used to me sitting on their laps. Dad lets me lay on him when he is napping on the couch. Elsie