Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bath Day

Thursday, January  20th, 2011
Today we went for a drive to Mammoth to a place that lets you bathe your dog. Elsie was not to sure about this, but she trusts. And so we got all of the scabs washed off and grease removed. I don't know if she was happier but she is definitely cleaner. She didn't even try to jump out of the tub.

The home pack, though not bouncing for joy at our return, were kinder to Elsie when we got home. I applied some lavender and tea tree oil diluted with jojoba oil to her open sores. She is so patient. While playing fetch with CV she tried to join in. It may be a little too much for her right now. A couple of trots down the driveway and back were tiring.

When Elsie recovers she will make an amazing companion!!

I will be offering her more Reiki tonight. Her gentleness humbles me.

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