Saturday, January 29, 2011

Walks and Food

Above: Elsie takes time out from our walk to smell the sagebrush.

Left: Elsie and Flora checking out the salt grass.

After a 1/2 mile walk today Elsie was ready to eat. She has been increasing her intake steadily each day. I have been letting her choose how much and how long her meal will take to eat. It was great to see her finish up her food.

After the morning meal Elsie and I headed north to the county shelter in Bridgeport. She sits in the truck while I offer Reiki to Annie, a young, smooth coat Border Collie who is very shy. Elsie doesn't like to be left in the house and cries if I even step outside to get firewood. We are working on that bit of separation anxiety. Fortunately she doesn't seem to mind being in the truck. She only cries if she sees me walking another dog. Today she got a double dose. I walked Annie while Jennie, the shelter attendant walked another dog, Yoti, a Husky mix. Annie does better with a more confident dog. I wish I could walk her with Elsie. The other dog I walked was Otto, an 8 year young Basset Hound. He is a handsome guy and I think Elsie really wanted to meet him.

Elsie ate half again as much as she usually consumes at a meal. Go Elsie. You are making your foster momma proud. 

Reiki treatments continue. I am still doing one group treatment for numerous mange pups: Elsie, Benny, Suzie Wong, Hope, and now another unnamed girl. All but Benny, came from the Lancaster shelter in California. Benny came from the Turlock, CA shelter. All wonderful, loving souls. They look beyond the way they were treated before and forgive the human race. Can we ever hope to be so forgiving and willing to love?

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  1. Hi Elsie,
    Benny here. I am impressed that you can walk a half mile! That inpires me. I hear you snore like I do...and are recovering from mange too. Thank your foster mom for all the Reiki sessions, they are truly helping me.
    Peaceful dreams,