Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hot, hot, hot

Friday, January 21st, 2011
Elsie slept next to me on the the bed last night. Her temperature has been slightly higher than I would like, but she still likes to go for walks and eat. She also has a cough now. It was barely there when I brought her home but now...

This morning she chased CV while he was playing fetch. Not just a trot either but a full run! All that activity means more couch time. Along with all of her rest I am giving her Bella Donna for the fever and some Colloidal Silver. Thank goodness it is cold here and we have snow so that she can stand in it. ( We are a leash free pack here. Living near the edge of nowhere has it's advantages, no traffic being one of them.)

Elsie likes to be in touch. A paw, her head, it doesn't matter. She has a little bit of separation anxiety, and I can't blame her. I went out to bring in firewood and she cried at the door. My other kids are probably wondering what is up with her. Her grandma, Jere, suggested some Arsenicum for when she must leave. I am starting her, and me, on it now. I love this girl.

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