Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Departure Delay

Departure Delay.
After talking with Julie McCarty (the woman who was going to take Elsie to Idaho to find her a home), about Elsie's condition, we decided to wait until she is better. Julie will be forwarding the funds that are raised so far to me for the vet appointment that I made. Elsie will be going to Reno on Monday to see Dr. Drumm at Lakeside Animal Hospital. Dr. Drumm is a holistic vet. She will be able to tell us what is causing Elsie's cough. She was very successful in coming up with a homeopathic for my 15 yo when he had a nasty cough for months last year. The homeopathic cleared it up in 2 weeks! In the mean time I am developing a protocol for Elsie's mange, cough, and fever. The fever was lower today. Jere's recommendations of Bella Donna and low dose aspirin, along with the colloidal silver and Reiki are helping. It could also be a healing crisis of sorts.

This morning Elsie initiated a play session with Ares. The old dog and the young pup. It didn't last but a minute but it was good to see both of them play.

Elsie met a little girl today. She was so gentle and so was the little girl. Nice to know that she is not afraid of the small ones. Elsie also picked out a hedgehog toy at Tailwaggers today. She even chewed on it a bit when we got home, on the couch of course.

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