Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Places

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Today we went up to our property, about a mile from where we live, to get fuel. Elsie explored a bit before we had to leave to go to town to mail off things (we don't have mail delivery out here). New smells are always a good thing. As much as Elsie doesn't like the rolling couch she will get in willingly. She knows that it means that she will be with somebody and not alone. Right before we drove off she leaned in for some love and extra reassurance. We sat there for a couple of minutes enjoying the moment. Dogs are so good at that. Lesson to learn.

It was bath night, not just a lemon wash. Elsie jumped right in to tub and stood there waiting. She is so patient  and didn't try to get out. I tell her how good a bath feels and imagine it myself. She got a lemon rinse and then waited to be toweled off before getting out. She then let loose with a couple of good shakes. A nice fire was going and she laid out in front of the stove to soak up the warmth. Ahh.

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